U.S. Cellular® Better Moments Parent-Child Agreement.

According to our annual Better Moments Survey conducted in late 2014, half of wireless customers with children say their kids currently own mobile phones (47 percent). Nearly all parents (82 percent) set guidelines for their children who use mobile phones and 69 percent said they monitor their child’s phone always or frequently.

A mobile phone serves many essential purposes in our daily lives, can strengthen relationships between children and their parents and can also create a lot of family fun! But getting one’s first mobile phone comes with responsibility. It’s helpful to establish parameters and the key is making sure both parents and children see eye-to-eye on how the devices are used.

These conversations can be harder than they need to be and U.S. Cellular is here to help you make this discussion as easy as possible.

To make it simple, fill out a customizable Better Moments Parent-Child Agreement by selecting the “Go to Agreement” button below. We created the agreement in response to a 2013 survey of U.S. Cellular customers - 63 percent told us they would appreciate the guidance of a “Parent-Child Mobile Phone Agreement” from their carrier (that’s us!).

We’ve made this agreement customizable so that you can remove, edit or add your own guidelines that work best for you and your child, and that fit within your family.

While the agreement focuses on safety and etiquette, you also have the opportunity to create your own guidelines that focus on creating better moments with your family. Some examples include: listening to podcasts/watching videos on YouTube that your entire family can discuss or laugh about, sending fun picture messages and video chat while away on travel, and sharing the car charger during long trips, etc. The intention is to make this work for you, and to show you how technology can enhance time spent together as a family.

In addition to the Parent-Child Agreement, another resource U.S. Cellular provides families is the Family Protector App. This service provides safety and security by monitoring your child's location and mobile usage. You can review your child's calls, block websites and restrict apps. Your child can even send an alert to you with the simple press of a button. Learn more about Family Protector.

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